Creativity transforms every aspect of your life. Creativity allows you to generate new ideas, solve problems and create new possibilities. Creativity has the power to change the world and you.

What if you could tap into the hidden and limitless creativity that we all possess? What if you could master the same powerful forces of creativity used by Mozart, Da Vinci, Einstein and even Steve Jobs? What if you could unlock your creative powers?

Cracking Your Creativity Code takes you on a guided journey deep inside the creative process where you will discover how to awaken your full creative potential. You will be guided by experts in the fields of creativity, neuroscience, psychology, meditation and peak performance.

Insights from the neurosciences to the ancient wisdoms are woven with poetic imagery designed to take you on a transformative journey. You will explore the rational, emotional, intuitive and spiritual realms of creativity. What combination will unlock your creative powers?

You will discover practical techniques to spark your creativity as well as strategies to remove creative blocks. Cracking Your Creativity Code will open doors never imagined and transform your world.

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