Want to inspire your team? Increase productivity?  Ignite passion?  Help Your Business or Organization Crack Your Creativity Code...

"I've never seen anything like it! A beautifully presented and unique approach to the topic of human creativity. As a life coach I find it a useful tool for both for individuals and for companies who are struggling to reach their creative potential.” 
Elliott Collazo - Life Coach MA: Spiritual Psychology

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Perfect for businesses, retreats and team building agendas.  CRACKING YOUR CREATIVITY CODE is a powerful film designed to awaken creative potential and inject creativity into your organization.

Experts in the field of creativity, neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness and peak performance reveal useful insights on how to release creative powers; drawing on everything from today’s modern neurosciences to the ancient wisdoms.

Divided into 4 segments the film explores the rational, emotional. Intuitive and mystical realms of creativity. What combination will unlock your creativity? Do you need fresh ideas for innovation or clarity of implementation? Would you like to remove creative blocks of fear and replace them with empowering courage?

You probably know that Creativity is at the heart of every successful enterprise, but why is so little done to understand and encourage it? Empower your team with the skills and insights to release their creative force. Creativity has a ripple effect that will transform both the individual and the company.

In addition to a powerhouse film you will receive the Companion Handbook, over 100 pages of exercises and reflections (as well as additional references and research) encouraging deep and lasting creative effects.

The film will also take the viewer behind the scenes into artists’ studios where they reveal their personal creative process.  See how theory meets practice and infuse your team with new confidence.

Customization— If your organization has a specific creative challenge, we will design handouts and exercises that address your needs. We also offer suggestions for post viewing breakout sessions.

Make your event more inspirational by having a post-screening panel where the filmmaker and cast of creativity experts personally answer questions and give guidance to your audience. Cracking Your Creativity Code and Companion Handbook offers a powerful and inspiring tool for any organization desiring to take the next step on the journey to Creativity.

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