Cracking Your Creativity Code Documentary Reveals The Secrets to Creativity

Film helps viewers discover practical techniques for inspiring creativity as well as strategies for removing common creative blocks.


(Santa Monica, California)– Psychological studies have long indicated everyone on Earth has a creative side. A recent survey revealed 75 percent of individuals believe they have yet to unlock their true prolific potential; furthermore, 60 percent of CEO’s cited creativity as the most sought after quality in new hires. This comes as no surprise to Director Jim Wooden who has created his film to to help people unlock their creative powers. As creativity becomes the new cultural currency, Cracking Your Creativity Code has been chosen to lead off the prestigious Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles (an annual event hosted by the non-profit organization Heal One World).

“Experts have discovered creativity to be the driving force behind the success of companies in virtually every industry. This applies to the full range of business aspects, including product and service development, production, problem solving, customer care, design and marketing to name a few.” said Director Jim Wooden who also shared, “Creativity affects every facet of daily life in some fashion. Despite a growing emphasis on creativity, an estimated 80 percent of American employees feel their creativity is inhibited.”

Cracking Your Creativity Code will be featured among documentaries, narrative pieces, and music videos from other filmmakers thoughtfully selected by organizers of the Awareness Film Festival. Inclusion in the Awareness Film Festival is given only to those promoting positive worldwide change. All profits from the event will be distributed among charities dedicated to this same cause.

Concluded Wooden, “Cracking Your Creativity Code combines insights from experts in the fields of creativity, neuroscience, psychology, meditation and peak performance with poetic imagery to help viewers tap into the same mental energies exhibited by well-known names such as Einstein, Da Vinci, Mozart and modern-day marvel Steve Jobs. Creativity is within all of us; the key is in giving each individual the ability to find their own inherent talents. We encourage anyone interested in expanding their potential to learn more About Cracking Your Creativity Code and join us at the film festival for a unique and consciousness-shifting experience.”

Cracking Your Creativity Code will be shown for free at the LA Live Regal Cinema on 1000 W. Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 7:00 PM.

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About Cracking Your Creativity Code:

Cracking Your Creativity Code helps viewers unearth practical techniques for inspiring their limitless creativity as well as strategies for removing common creative blocks. The film’s creator fully believes creativity has the power to open doors never imagined and transform the world one person at a time

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